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"ChonTrade Co. makes every effort to supply our clients with the best quality of almonds with the lowest price in the market." -Get Best Offer Now ! We can supply Nonpareil Almond,Carmel Almond, Monterey Almond,and Butte Almond from California directly from the farm.
History- Since 1500 B.C, Bible stories have made many references to almonds in book of "Genesis 43:11" & "Jeremiah 1:11".

In the Early 1850's commercial almonds have been planted near Sacramento, Monterey, and San Joaquin valley. It is amazing how almonds can provide so much nutrients to our health. Almonds are also low on carbohydrates and high on monounsaturated fat that it is good for lowering blood pressure presence of HDLS (high density lipoprotenis) and LDLS (low density lipoprotenis). Through many years of extensive research, almonds are known to fight against heart disease.

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PLEASE NOTE: When you contact our sales associate for your order, please make sure to specify variety, grade, and the size. USDA GRADE are used as industry standards. Sized kernels are marketed by weight, i.e size 23/25 means there are 23 to 25 kernels per ounce (28.35 grams). PRODUCT is packaged in 50lbs. (22.68kg) or 25lb.(11.34kg) carton or one metric ton fiber bins. WE SHIP FOB PORT.
FOR PRICING, please contact us via email or direct and one of our associates will contact you. Thank you.
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